Thursday, August 27, 2015

(2)5 Before 25

Alright, so let's just glance over the fact that I haven't blogged in like a million years over here, and just move on to something fun to talk about. So today at work right after my lunch break I was taking my normal 5-10 minute "pinterest inspiration" time to settle myself back into my desk and get used to staring at a computer screen, all while sipping on my afternoon caffeine of choice (today's happens to be a can of RedBull, duh) I happened upon a little article/blog/whatever called "25 Things to do Before You Turn 25". It really caught my eye for many reasons.

 The First being because I have always been a fan of the "30 before 30 lists" or "50 before 50 lists" really just Bucket lists in general, but with 25 being about 1.25 years away for me, this one really got my attention. So I continued to read it and of course it was a lot of "live life in the moment, no regrets" type things, which I expected. But it really made me think about how close to 25 I actually am, and made me want to create my own list of things I want to accomplish before I am 25. And since I am at work and actually have a thousand other things to do (also I have a new job, but I will talk about that later) for now I am just going to write about 5 things I want to do before 25. So without further ado- here are the starting 5 things I was to accomplish/do before I turn 25, the other 20 will come maybe all at once or maybe in more increments of 5, who knows? Not me but hey I try to keep it lively around here. 

1. Sky Dive - this has been something that has literally been on my list since I was 17 or 18 or whatever the legal age to jump out of a plane is. I know a lot of people that have done it, and I'm not afraid of heights or anything, it's just a little bit expensive and one of those things that I am always like "oh yeah I'll do that next year" or "I'll keep saving up for it" but for real, now I have a deadline, and I really really really really want to jump out of a plane. 

2. Buy a Macbook Pro - I know this one seems really shallow and materialistic. But in all honesty I am a Mac girl through and through. I have always had PCs for my jobs and my Mac I had in college died right about the time I graduated college and I never got around to getting a new one. Having a mac makes me take better care of my electronics, my photos, my blog, really all the technical, electric, internet related things in my life. They are so pretty and I keep telling myself I am going to buy one after I get a new job, but that has yet to happen. And to make sure I don't just go blow a whole credit card limit on one, I am giving myself until I am 25 to complete this goal. 

3. See the freaking Eiffel Tower and the Coliseum. No explanation needed. 

4. Pay more than just the minimum payment on my student loans each month. Seriously, I need to start sticking to a budget (what's that like) and paying more on my credit cards and student loans than is required each month. I know in the end it will help me NOT live paycheck to paycheck, and make me overall happier in the end. 

5. Run a half marathon - Running is something I really fell out of after I got out of high school where I ran cross country and track for four years. I mean don't get me wrong I could go run a 5K if I wanted to right now (and have run a few in the past 5 or so years) but I think a half marathon would really challenge me and make me focus on my training and endurance rather than just going for a run because it's easy exercise. Also, when I was first diagnosed with Crohn's disease my arthritis in all of my joints was TERRIBLE and my doctor said I would probably never run a race again, so just to prove everyone wrong, I want to. 

Well folks, there ya got, a quick peek into my the life of Kate and a few of the things I want to do before that quarter life crisis hits. Anyone have any similar things or totally different things on their lists? LET ME KNOW I LOVE HEARING ABOUT YA'LL! Alrighty, well until next time, which will be soon, I PINKY PROMISE. 

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