Friday, January 30, 2015

Alternative Life

Alright, so to make things a little easier transitioning back into blogging....seriously ya'll this is going to be the epitome of the word "transition" it's gonna take a while. Also, it's Friday and I wanna be at home in my bed because it's snowing and gross out and it's cold. So I am using this topic to get away from this life and fly off into my own imaginary world. Anyways, to ease back into it I've chosen a pretty simple topic for today...."My Alternative Life". 

If you know me at all, you know that I am pretty much your normal middle class always broke recently graduated college girl who is working her first office job. That means that I get up around 6:30 everyday, am at work by 8:00 AM and am at my office until 5:00 PM until it is time to go home. Rinse and Repeat 5 days a week. And don't get me wrong, I LOVE my job, I truly truly do, but sometimes I think that if I could pick another lifestyle or something else like that, it would be a lot less "8-5 office" type work. So I did some brainstorming and with the help of pinterest, some photo finding, and decided that if I had the chance to live an "Alternative Life" this is what it would be. 

SOOOO.....if I had one do-over.....

I would quit my 8-5 job. and move somewhere warm. where it is ALWAYS warm. And I would wake up (NOT AT 6:30 AM EVERYDAY) and grab a coffee mug from a wall like this. because I am obsessed with mugs and I want to show all of them off. 

And I would have lots of animals. I would have dogs and cats and bunnies and horses, ya know, all that good stuff. just so you know how cute they are...

and then i would step off my front porch onto this....

and maybe do some yoga and surfing and you know, all that cool girl beach stuff, so much so that my tan little butt starts to look like this....

and also while i'm at it since I don't have to work an office job anymore, I would get a bunch of tattoos all over me. Not that I'm someone who thinks that you can't have tattoos in an office job, but alternative Kate would have way more tattoos than normal Kate does. 

oh and since i live at the beach my hair would always look like this

and at the end of the day i would take a nice long bath in an amazing tub that looks like this (overlooking the ocean of course)

Yeah i know that was short and sweet and to the point, but today I am wishing I was surfing and living on the beach instead of being stuck in an office, so just let me wish okay?

Well hope all of your Fridays are better than mine and will turn out to be a great weekend!