Friday, July 4, 2014

I'm Coming Back


I know I have neglected this blog for quite some time, really close to a year since I've been good about it. And I hate myself for it. Hate myself for not dedicating the time to it, and now regretting it now that I don't have those things to look back on.

I mean seriously, I didn't even take like 5 minutes to take a second and blog about some damn important things, like IDK...turning 22 *shutter*, being sick ALL.THE.TIME. , graduating college (no really I did it I promise), and best of all ACCEPTING MY FIRST REAL WORLD BIG GIRL JOB! So I have decided that instead of being a boring college student who only wants to lay in bed and watch Netflix and get's all excited when she gets an A on a test, my blog is about to get a little more interesting. 

As I mentioned before, I accepted my first real world big girl job back in like....April-ish? "What will you be doing?!" I know, I know, you are all just DYING to know. Really though, I'm going to be an Admissions Advisor for Virginia Tech. Which basically means I'm going to be traveling to high schools all across the country east coast, and talking to high school students, their parents, and guidance counselors, telling them all about why Virginia Tech is the best place on earth and why everyone should go here, except not EVERYONE can go here because that would be absurd, but you get my point. So also like I said before, I'm finally going to have something to talk about. Between my travels and my top secret admissions adventures that I can't tell you about, this blog should be getting a little big more interesting. 

Having something new in your life is always helpful when you have been stuck in a blog rut for the past year, so I am happy to say that I am a little excited to finally have kind of a theme for this blog here again. 

But in the meantime, I guess we will just be chillin' until I actually start traveling, which will be the end of August-ish. So since it is America's birthday and everything, is here a picture of me and my big from LAST 4th of July since I am super boring and probably won't be doing anything except laying by the pool getting as tan as could be today. (yeah I rocked that red lipstick like once in my life, so that's pretty cool too)