Monday, December 23, 2013

This Is For Me

Hi everyone, 

I have officially put the "pro" in procrastination on this blog thing. There have been a lot of things in the past few months that have just made me want to do anything except get involved with social media, including this blog. I decided that instead of being intimidated by all the bloggers with their hundreds of followers, their giveaways, and ad spaces, and cliques, and rules with linkups and if you don't follow it to the T you are shunned from blog world forever and a day, whatever (not that there is anything wrong with doing any of that - I love that you guys do it, but i'm just not committed enough for that and honestly I didn't want my blog to go to have a place to make friends, I have enough of those as it is, and truly I'm not sure what my purpose for this blog is. I'm not a fashion blogger, or a fitness blogger, i'm not a mom, I'm not a wife who wants to do a wedding wednesday link up every week, hell i'm not even a fiance who is planning a wedding. Like I said before, not that there is anything wrong with those things, I love reading about everyone else's' stories of wedding planning, and 1st birthdays, and their weight loss journeys, but i really don't have that much to talk about it like that. I am a last semester college kid who can barely keep my sanity with my job and my studies and everything else that we like to call life. 

Basically, what I'm saying is; I'm not sorry for being MIA. I'm not sorry for not writing on her for multiple months, I'm not sorry for not being part of all the giveaways, and tweeting about all of them, and following random people I don't know just to get a free gift card. I love being part of this blog thing, but I am gonna write about what I want to write about, because I want to remember it, and that's it. For those of you who still read this, great, and I hope you enjoy it :) But I don't want anyone to expect anything out of this blog, as it is just that, a blog. If at any point I feel like my life is becoming more stressful or less enjoyable due to it, I'm not gonna do it (duh). 

I really do hope I start getting back into the grove and writing about things that I want to write about, not just writing because people expect me to write about them. 

So yeah, this is MY blog, and I'll write about what I want. I think this is my little piece of the world to be selfish, and I'm gonna take advantage of that. 

Respectfully yours, or should I say, mine?