Thursday, June 20, 2013

Really Little Kate

So I have been SOOO busy recently, and haven't had much inspiration to write. I have been thinking about this post for a while now, and I decided that now is the best time to do it. Just to preface: I have been back home (to Pittsburgh away from school) a lot more than I usually do and more than I have expected to in the past couple weeks. One of my favorite things to do when I go home is to go through all my old baby pictures, I don't keep that many with me at school, or at least I didn't used to. I brought a TON back with me cause I love them so much haha but needless to say it is one of my favorite past times looking at pictures from when I was little. One of the blogger's I follow, Erin, over at Two Thirds Hazel did a post a little bit like this a while back, and I thought it was a fun idea! I realized going through all my baby pictures that there are a little TOO many that I have similar to pictures of me in the recent past. So here it is, Little Kate, and Big Kate, quite literally. 


I still wear bows in my hair. Here I am, with bows in my hair. I know the newer picture is a little harder to see, but I promise you, that is a bow, in my hair. #TSM.

I still ride carousels. This is me, about 17 years apart, on the same carousel, at the same amusement park. Cheesin' just the same. 

I still get excited to carve pumpkins for Halloween. 

I still LOVEEEEEEEEE shoving my face with a good ice cream cone. 

I can still rock the hell out of a one piece bathing suit. Unfortunately my Barney suit got lost or else you know I'd still be rocking it. 

I like to go out into big snow storms that go up to my waist. 

My friends and I still take pictures in a stack. 

And of course, last but not least, I always wear my crown. ZTA FOR LIFE. 

Well, I hope you all enjoyed seeing some of the most embarrassing moments of my life and feeling loved enough that I felt the need to share all of this with ya'll. I also hope you chuckled a time or two, cause I laugh my butt off every time I see that chubby faced little baby. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"Run" is a Relative Term

So let me just start this post with a disclaimer: I used to run cross country and track in high school. Mostly cross country. I have ran more 5K's than I could ever count, have run a mile in less than 7 minutes, and have run up to 8 miles in one day. If I really needed to I could probably go out and run 3.1 miles tomorrow and finish (not exactly in under 30 minutes) but close enough. 

Okay, phew, glad I got that off my chest. I am literally too embarrassed to even describe what I am going to write about. So let's just get this over with.

The past few months have been a real roller coaster for me health wise, so I haven't been exactly "good" about my upkeep and exercise. Also I turned 21, so do with that what you want ;) Okay, the truth is out: I haven't done ANY exercise. So last night, after having a few good days and it being a particularly nice night out, also I was starting to miss campus a little bit, I threw on my Nike's, strapped on my new "iphone arm band workout holder" thing and set out. I got all of 10 minutes into my run when I had to stop because my hip was killing me.

My hip. Apparently I am a 95 year old woman, and those of you who know me know what I'm talking about. But seriously, come on. It was gonna be such a good run! So I jogged/walked the rest of my way to campus, sat on the Drillfield for a good 20 minutes just admiring my gorgeous school. And then finally decided to jog/walk back once it started to get dark.

I mean, it wasn't a complete fail, I got off my butt and did some exercise....but to consider it a "run" okay that is a relative term. Also, my legs are killing me and all I want to do is lay in bed all day. Oh wait, once I got home from work today at 3 pm that IS what I did all day....(as I write this from my bed). Oh well, what the hell are summers for if not to not need an excuse to do whatever the hell you want? Amiright?

Monday, June 17, 2013

Is Monday Over Yet?

So I am finally getting back into a normal schedule. Not just a blogging schedule, an everything schedule. I have realized that this summer has been completely off schedule. Which yes, I understand has not been in my control, but it has thrown a lot of aspects of my life off....even little things like taking my medicine everyday, (showering), my work schedule, BLOGGING, even my normal "habits" aka I became the messiest person ever these past two weeks (and my roommate was NOT pleased about it, woops). This is me publicly apologizing for going from the most OCD neat freak roommate ever, to literally not getting off the couch for three days, leaving dishes everywhere, and not caring where anything is the house was. I turned into a lazy roommate monster that ate my old self. Happens to everyone, right? Right....

Anyways, I have decided that this week no matter what happens, I am going to at least have some sort of schedule. So I dusted off my good ol Lilly Pulitzer planner than I have been hopefully trekking around with me in my purse all summer, but haven't even opened, and began to plan. Writing in work, writing in workouts, writing in blog post ideas and when I will do them. I am the person that needs a list to physically cross things off, so I figure as long as I start following this even a little, it will help me stay on track and not turn into the lazy couch monster again. But while I sit at work and come up with more exciting things to write down in my planner...I'm gonna fill out these questions that my real life bff Stevie over at Colorful Commotion sent my way after she was tagged in questions as well. So thanks for keeping me entertained during my 9-5 Monday...what am I a real adult or something. EW.

1) What one accessory do you never leave home without?
- Uhhhhh...I'm pretty inconsistent with the things I wear/bags I carry. but my basics are definitely my pearl earrings (by the way, totally fake and obnoxiously huge, but who cares, I love 'em) and my monogrammed ring and my class ring. Both have a lot of sentimental value to me, and the days I am running WAY late or maybe had a little too late of a night before where I forget to put them on, I FEEL SO NAKED ALL DAY. IT'S AWFUL. 

2) Cookie Butter or Nutella?
- Is this a trick question? It's gonna be awkward, but I say neither. I ate enough Nutella my freshman year of college to last me for 27 lifetimes, and Cookie Butter is LITERALLY SO DELICIOUS AND SWEET but a little TOO sweet for me sometimes. If I am going to slather something in a creamy substance, it's gonna be peanut butter....sorry. 

3) What is something we don't already know about you from reading your blog?
- I literally just FB messaged Stevie saying " this question is too hard" haha um. That I have been to Australia and New Zealand, not sure if I ever posted that before, but maybe one of these days I will do a super throw back post from the month I spent there the summer of 2007. 

4) On a guy - boxers or briefs?
- Boxers. For sure. Or boxer briefs. Boxer briefs are sexy. Boxers are casual. 

5) What is your biggest pet peeve?
- When people don't wear their seat belts. Literally it takes two seconds and keeps you from dying. WHY NOT JUST DO IT PEOPLE. Okay, I'm sure I could come up with a better one than that, but seriously, it gets on my last nerve.  

6) What is your worst habit?
- Not responding to text messages/calls/Facebook messages. Seriously, I have gotten a WHOLE LET BETTER about this I promise, and I try real hard. But if I'm not talking to you it's not cause I hate you or am mad at you (usually) sometimes I just need a little extra nudge. Sorry. 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dad's Day

Although I am not particularly close with my dad (which is why I wasn't going to post about it today, and just now writing it at 11:00 PM), I decided that just raising me enough that I am still alive today is a hell of an accomplishment and he should be thanked. The fact that he has been dealing with my brother single handedly since my junior year of high school is pretty impressive. My dad has taught me a lot, and has put up with a lot. He is a man of few words, we don't talk about our emotions, I don't call him daddy, I don't call him crying whenever something bad happens, he doesn't know about every aspect of my life, but he is still my dad. He was the one that was there to catch me when I was learning to walk, taught me to ride a bike, always drove me to practice and to school and to my friends house, taught me to drive (which was an especially fun time). I'm pretty sure he was so excited that I could drive finally because he would come pick me up from my friend's houses and while I drove home, he would look out at the window (not even remotely watching me drive) looking for deer. That's my dad for ya.

Like I said, he is a man of few words, but one of his best traits is that he has always allowed my brother and I to be ourselves. He always let us choose what activities we wanted to join, who we wanted to be friends with, what type of music we wanted to listen to, I mean seriously, he let me go to a college 6 hours away without even really consulting anyone about it after just visiting. He allowed us to grow on our own, and when we made a mistake or something bad happened along the way, he was always there to make sure we were okay. He allowed us to fend for ourselves, and become the young adults in the real world that we are today.

This Father's Day is also the first father's day my Dad is spending without his Dad. Just two short weeks ago, my Grandfather, who lived an amazing 84 years, passed away. I am sure today has been a hard one for my Dad, but I think he deserves to have everyone know just how much I do appreciate him, even though we haven't ever really been that close, talkative, or even friends. He has shown me through his own strength, that no matter what, life goes on. That bad things happen, and life is hard, but you gotta get back up and keep going, cause life ain't stopping for you. He is the typical logic to my emotions, the ying to the yang. I realize now that although I didn't always appreciate him, I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for him.

There's a lot of things that I learned from my dad, like my love for nature and the outdoors, how to change my oil and replace a flat tire, my love for rock n roll music like Pearl Jam, my strength, and how to appreciate silence sometimes. But thankfully, I got my picture taking skills from my mom, because apparently my brother and Dad can barely take a picture with their eyes open. 

Hope you all got to enjoy being with your Dad's today, or at least called to tell them that you love them!  Or at least tell that person in your life who has been there for you always that you love them! 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Earth To Kate, I Am Here, I Promise.

So I don't know if any of you have noticed that I have been about a million other places other than Blogland lately, but this has probably been the last thing on my mind. The past week there have been a few things happen that need my focus a lot more than this, and so I have been taking a few mental health days, traveling home, and traveling to Richmond this weekend. I have been wanting to write about them a lot, but have realized that I am just not ready to do that yet. So instead, I am going to just give ya'll a little quick and easy post to take my mind off of things for a little, ease my blog conscious, and ensure that I am not totally falling off of my blog wagon completley. Also, I apolagize in advance for being vague and weird, but right now, that's how it's gonna be.
So I am gonna copy Taylor over at Confessions of A Busy Busy Bee and do a "Currently June" post. I think it is a cool idea, and something quick and easy to keep me on track, and not posting things that will end up bad later.
So here we go, I promise everyone I am alive and well, and not going anywhere too much farther from Blogland anymore.

Drinking: French Vanilla coffee made from my Kurig this morning in my Hokie themed Tervis. I have been trying to avoid caffeine because lately it has been doing silly things to my stomach and it is summer time, but my body is not used to my 9-5 hours (I know I am spoiled) but my "part time job" has turned into a full time one this week because I had to take all last week off to go home.

Eating: Watermelon. It is literally my favorite summer snack. I will buy a watermelon and eat the whole thing in like two days. I have been snacking on it all morning even though it was supposed to be for my lunch. WOOPS.

Wearing: Leggings and a VT shirt with flip flops. One of the many perks of my office job is that although I sound all fancy and have my own office and am technically a "manager" I can wear gym/bum/hobo/yoga clothes to work because all the interviews I do are phone interviews and there are only a few of us in the office during the day. Seriously, this job has spoiled me so much getting to wear whatever I want, being in the real world is going to be a hard punch to the stomach. Real pants, jeans, what are those?

Reading: Blogs, kind of? I currently have 118 unread blog posts. Obviously I have been keeping up....Okay I am switching between blogs and resumes. I promise I do my job.

Watching: Nothing, I'm at work. But I just got caught up with Grey's Anatomy and Parks and Rec (thank you 3 month Hulu Plus Free Trial).

Clicking: between this, Facebook, Pinterest, and my interview scheduling document. Seriously, I do work, I promise.

Listening To: Pandora, I do this thing where I shuffle all of my stations, so I don't get bored with the music. I listen to Pandora upwards of 4-5 hours a day at work, so shuffling them also keeps the stations from getting worn out as fast. Currently it is switching between "Run Around/Blues Traveler/Jacks Mannequin/ Florida Georgia Line/ Summer Hits of the 90s/ 90s Pop/ Mayday Parade/ Motion City Soundtrack/Third Eye Blind/Todays Country/ Owl City" seriously I am a music mutt.  

Losing sleep over: Lots of stressful things that I'm going to write about later.

Refusing to: Let myself lose control of my life just because bad things are happening. I am sticking to my schedule and trying not to fall behind not letting myself fall behind. 

Thankful for: all of my amazing friends and family. This past week have been VERY rough, one of the worst in a long time, and I can honestly say I wouldn't have gotten through it without my amazing family, and a few hours on my phone with some of my best friends crying while they try to get my to laugh even a little.

Loving: Being back in Blacksburg. I was at home in Pittsburgh for almost a whole week, and I hated living out of a suitcase, I love being back in my own bed with all my clothes and my room. There is just something about your own apartment after going back to stay with your parents that is the most comfortable thing in the world.

Wanting: To go back to bed and wishing I could just do my interviews there, no one would know the difference, right?

Needing: Another cup of coffee. Maybe I'll take my "lunch break" over at Starbucks across the street....

Admiring: The fact that I have been up before 10 am everyday this week. For real world people, I know, this is NOTHING to be proud of. But as a college student in the summer time, this is a big deal. Oh, ALSO, I have showered each day before work. That is probably the biggest feat....Seriuosly ya'll I swear I'm not a hobo....


Saturday, June 1, 2013

What Were Your Favorite Moments? All Of Them.


So I'm not exactly how to go about starting this post, considering it is one of my first free form posts of writing about something just because I want to. And let me say, it feels good. And I like it. 

I just wanted to express my undying love for a show that just recently ended. The Office. I wish I could think of a more impressive word than "show" or "television series" to call this amazing work of art. I will confess that I have not always watched The Office. I was not there at the beginning. Although thanks to this magical device called Netflix, I successfully caught up on the whole 6 seasons in about two weeks the summer after my freshman year at college. I have been addicted ever since. It sounds crazy, but this show has become more than just a half an hour timeslot on my Thursday evenings. It has become my inside jokes, my sense of humor, my memories with friends laughing over it and bonding through it. It is likely that if you are talking to more for more than 20 minutes, it will be a challenge for me to not bring up this show in some way. 

Although The Office has ended, there are many things that will stay with it's fans even after it is over. The Office was yes, just a dull comedy about a paper supply company. But it transformed into so much more. These characters, this family of office co-workers, turned into your best friends, your worst enemies, your weird neighbor, or your annoying desk mate. These characters were real, someone that everyone could relate. The things they were going through, although sometimes outrageous and sometimes bland, were all real. 

This show taught us so many things. There were lots of lessons along the way, intertwined with laughter (lots of it), tears (lots of those as well), and moments that made you feel so awkward you just had to turn it off (Thank you Michael Scott). If you were with this show from the beginning, there was a connection. You were emotionally invested in these characters, whether or not they would find love (Jim and Pam I am looking at you), whether or not they would ever be truly happy (Angela you grump) , whether or not they would finally find themselves in this big confusing world (Erin, oh honey) or just even achieve their dreams (Andy, you are sad and pathetic, but you sing so good). These characters kept us interested, and worried, and invested, and excited about what would be happening next. The Dunder Mifflin Family is the reason The Office became such a hit. 

Just a few more lessons we have learned along the way. 

Sometimes, you just gotta take a leap of faith.

How to properly communicate with a late night booty call. 

How to NOT order a drink at the bar. 

That soul mates are for real.

Serious advice from Michael G. Scott.

Alsoooo it mentions my other favorite show, so come on. That's like 10 extra points right there. 

That through the good times and the bad times, all the memories are worth it. 

Finally figuring out the key to happiness, enjoying the good old days before they're gone. 

To enjoy the beauty in the ordinary things in life, cause that's what it is really all about. 

This show is summed up by this quote. That this show was ordinary. It was a basic comedy about a basic office and some ordinary people. But the people, the relationships, the emotions, that is what made this show good, and real, and exceptional. It was the ordinary things, that made this show extraordinary. Everyone connects to this show because it was real, and that's what made it great. 

It worries me a little bit of how emotional I am getting over this show just writing about it, and I think it will always be that way. I literally cried the entire series final, but in between sobs I was laughing my butt off. But the amazing producers of this show ended it in such a way, that I don't think could have been done any better. The cast was amazing and will always be the characters of Dunder Mifflin. If you have never watched this show, I obviously urge you to. It will actually change your life.